When it comes to writing the best content for your post it’s quite difficult to do. To make it perfect we learn many things like content writing, copywriting, also some times Grammer.

Do you think that it is quite enough? No, you have to include many things in your content for your blog. There is a number of things you can use while writing content.

Tips For Writing A Great Content

Here your all research gets over, you can find all tips and tricks about Writing the best content.

So let’s get started with it, here are some points that follow them and start writing the best content.

Know your audience

When it comes to publishing content, we should always think about our audience. We are writing not for us but for our visitors. So when you write any content as per your decided niche look that your audience loves it. Even you have to only look at what your audience wants, from where have they come, what the visit. It is important to keep information about all things.

Purpose of writing

You should understand the purpose of writing your content on your website. While Writing any content you should first know the reason for writing that content. Most people write for their visitors to ear more and more. Secondly the write as per their choice or their hobby or some by passion.

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While writing you should analyze what your audience or visitors need to see or read. Make sure that your main purpose of writing content should be your Visitors.

Clickbait Title

Clickbait Title refers to the title which attracts your visitors just by reading the title of your post. To make clickbait title you need to learn Copywriting which means attractive and interesting content. These clickbait titles are mostly used in email marketing, ads, mobile or SMS marketing.

You can use this as your post title even as your keyphrase or keyword. Make sure that sentence formation should be correct. Don’t use emoji in your post title or keywords.

Ask Questions

Whenever you write any content for your visitors it’s very important that they understand. If you want to attract your visitors and create engagement ask questions.

You can ask questions about your content, website, or design you have selected on your site. Ask them that do they understand your post. Also, tell them to comment if they find any queries.

EX:- Do you like the content? Are you agree with this? and many more…..

This can make your content engaging one as well as best one.

Engage the reader

It’s very important to engage your visitors on your site. When it comes to engaging you to have to keep in mind that your content should not only Engage-able but also shareable. Also, you write such type of content you may find that your visitors are returning back to your site.

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Now it comes to visitors we always need that our site has returning visitors. Which gives high session time and more page views. These can happen only when you have engageable content on your website. Also, proper Navigation on your web pages.

Show, don’t tell

It’s said that when you tell your visitors they don’t understand what you want to tell. So always prefer to show them by images or videos. When you start doing this visitors may give you the best session time.

Also, you may find that they are returning on your website as they understand your content well. You may use the gallery of images or even Instagram feeds, YouTube videos, etc.

Use metaphors and phrases

Visitors get attracted to Phrases or metaphors. It means you have to use Thoughts, Phrases related to your post. Also, you may include some topics like funny jokes, any stories, or even metaphors.

These can even create engaging content to your visitors and let them understand using Phrases and metaphors.

Use stats and figures

In your images, you must mention Statistic data regarding your content. You can use pie charts, graphs, bar diagrams, etc in your images. Whenever you use figures or stats in your content it represents quality images.

This can make your content engageable and allow visitors to download it. To improve your Quality content you can use so.

Powerful Vocabulary

While writing any type of content, whether it is informative, educational, or related to any other topic you must look for vocabulary. Your vocabulary should be strong enough so that your visitors may not find difficulty while reading.

Your content should have Proper grammar which indicates your Best vocabulary. So try to work on your grammar as well as your vocabulary.

SEO Optimized Content

When it comes to Content Writing, An SEO optimized content plays an important role. So while writing any content for your site you must learn about SEO. When you understand SEO completely you may write the best content for your site.

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The SEO Optimized content always helps in ranking your site. Like using Transition words, Flesch Reading, Passive voice, etc


Talking about readability it’s one of the important parts of SEO. In short Reliability work like Grammar in SEO, you have to use proper Grammar sentences. Make proper use of Tenses, sentence length, paragraph length, and many more things.

Not only this you have to use Simple and short words, Transition words. The formation of the sentence or paragraph should be properly used. Don’t repeat words for more than 2-3 times and many more things.


Linking your post or pages with other pages or posts is said to be Hyperlinking or linking. Proper navigation is also important in your websites. With the help of linking, visitors can get proper navigation to their queries.

Make sure that your Linking internal or external must be proper. Not every link work properly sometimes there are broken links. So fixed them using tools or plugins for better use. Also, it’s important that your visitors don’t get irritated with your navigations.

Scannable Content

Talking about Google, When We publish any content on our site Google sends crawlers or bots on our site. So it’s important that your content should be scannable. Google never reads an image, it always reads your content. So your content should be in text format.

Now talking about visitors, Like Google visitors also love reading text than from images. The font you use on your website must be readable even sometimes visitors copy your content for further use. Also, use Readable or normal font in your content so that everyone can read properly.

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