Before going to main resource let’s take some knowledge about. What is affiliate marketing? Who do affiliate marketing? Importance of affiliate marketing.

Here are the short answers of the above questions.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the business which is important for every blogger who want to earn more and more. It is the source through which one can earn by promoting others product and earn through commission.

Who can do Affiliate Marketing ?

Every individual who wants to earn via online and grow business to a great extent can do Affiliate Marketing. Also one who have its own website or other platform to promote their product.

Importance of Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the most powerful way to earn money online through your own business. You can earn commission on every sale also earn limitless amount of money through Affiliate Marketing.

So now not wasting much let us look at the things you need to start Affiliate Marketing.

  • Website
  • Content
  • Theme
  • Email account
  • Traffic


Website is on of the most important thing you need to start affiliate marketing. Requirements for every affiliate networks is website. Affiliate networks mainly focus on the website for promoting their products.

Even in websites there are several types of websites which are only meant for affiliate purpose. This type of websites earn huge amount of money using products affiliate link.

Things you need to make website.

  • Buy domain name and hosting space
  • Create E-Commerce Website
  • Customize your Website
  • Build Audience
  • Promote affiliate offers


As soon as your website is ready. Now, it’s time to create content for your website. The content you will create must be similar to your niche but also interesting enough to keep your traffic growing. A blog content is very effectivity for affiliate marketing. Content plays a major role for affiliate marketing.

Your content should consists of Product reviews. Content should eb evergreen. which means that your content will never age and remain useful for your audience. It is necessary to do a huge keyword research for your evergreen content. Your content should be UNIQUE without PLAGIARISM.

You can create a evergreen content. For eg:

  • Informational blog
  • Product blog
  • Review Blog


Theme provides all the styling of a site that your visitors see on the front end. WordPress Provides a large number of themes for website. Choosing one theme from thousands of themes is very tough task. So here’s an advice. You should go for something simple and also keep a look that the selected theme is easy for customization. If you want to change your theme in future you are free to change to any theme.

The selected theme for Affiliate site should be completely customizable. The theme should be built for specially for affiliate type of sites. Here are some examples of WordPress theme you should use for your affiliate site.

  1. Schema
  2. Jevelin (Premium WordPress theme)
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. KUPON
  5. GrowthPress

Email Account and List

Join + Promote= Earn

An Email account is very important for affiliate marketer. The email account used by the affiliate marketer can be a normal mail id (gmail / yahoo mail) or it can also be a commercial id. Commercial id is a mail id provided by your web-host provider. It is a mail id which has an extension of your domain name.

Email list is also important for Affiliate marketer. You can create your email list by encouraging your visitors to sign up for your daily updates. Adding a subscription button is one of the best idea for creating email list. Once you have a large number email list you can promote your content. You can even directly promote your affiliate offers.

You just need to build enough trust with your email visitors. Once the trust is successfully build, yours visitors will not be having any problem for purchasing a product from you.


Traffic means the number of visitors visiting your site. More the traffic more the revenue will be earned.

How to build more traffic on new site?

Promote your content using social media

Social media is most common and most easiest way for promoting your content. You can promote content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc. Building an engagement on social media is great opportunity to build trust. As trust is build you can easily promote your affiliate product.

Guest post on high traffic blogs

As your website is still new, you won’t be getting much traffic. So guest posting is great idea for receiving someone else’s traffic. If you are getting traffic via guest posting that does not mean you should only focus on guest posting. Focusing on your website is most important as your website traffic is permanent not the traffic coming from other high traffic website.

So, here we end with a discussion by understanding the needs for Affiliate Marketing.

I hope you all are statisfied with the information i have given here. For more comment and suggest your point.

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