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I know you all are confused when you read or listen the word TECHNICAL SEO, because till now we know about ON PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO. As by word technical tell that it is all about technicality.

So, from these posts you will understand some points like :-

  1. What is technical SEO?
  2. Importance of technical SEO
  3. Technical SEO Checklist

Here, these are the points which you will be going to learn so let us start. But firstly, let us understand information about WHAT IS TECHNICAL SEO?

Technical SEO refers to the technical part of your website. It is conducted or performed by the owner or developer of the website. The main reason of doing technical SEO is that it helps us to find Crawlers also bots visiting in our website. It also helps to index of our website.

But it is not related of optimizing content also not about ranking the content and keyword. It comes in the technicality of our website.

Technical SEO is that much important for every website like On page SEO , keyword optimization and so on.

Now let us see about the checklist of Technical SEO :-

Technical SEO Checklist

The below are the complete checklists for Technical SEO, so let us begin with it.

Identify Crawl Errors (Google Search Console / Webmaster)

Crawl errors means that Google finds difficult to visit the pages on our website. And if they cant find than you will not able to get that much ranking which you expect. You will find trouble for ranking on the pages of Google. You can see your website’s crawler report from GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE- COVERAGE REPORT.

Find How Google Views Your Page

There are some cases where your visitors can read your pages , but Google finds trouble. It will cause problem in ranking on Google.


Here you will see that is your pages are visible by Google.

Fix Broken Links

Broken links can destroy your SEO has it hurts most during ranking. So to improve your ranking find the broken links from you pages and fix them.

You can find broken links from DrLinkCheck.com .

Check out your broken links and fix them. Also you can use Plugins if you are using WordPress.

Make your Website Mobile-Friendly

In today’s world most of the people search to their information on Mobiles. Also the research is done on Mobile itself, so try to make Mobile friendly website.

It can also affect in ranking on top as Google has recently launched MOBILE FIRST INDEX i.e, it gives priorities to those post first which have mobile friendly website.

To check whether your website is mobile friendly Google launched GOOGLE’S MOBILE FRIENDLY TEST

Just check about your website and feel free about ranking

Check site’s Page loading

Do your website loads fast?

Its important for you that your site should have fast loading as it can increase your BOUNCE RATE .

Check your page loading from the free tool by Google PAGE SPEED INSIGHTS

Find your page speed and also increase it if your site take more time to load

Secure Your Site with HTTPS

Its very important to have HTTPS in your website URL as its sign of A SECURE WEBSITE.

HTTPS mostly helps is Goggle ranking. Also known as Google Ranked Signal.

So if you haven’t done with it , do it right now. Even if you have recently started your blog, do it from the Day 1.

Converting site from http to https can hurt your SEO. So, make it before doing SEO, but if you have done with SEO but not https then don’t get afraid.

If you are using YOAST SEO PLUGIN on your WordPress , your data from HTTP to https is redirected by it.

Duplicate Content

The content which appears on more than One site is said to be Duplicate Content. If you are copying other website’s content than it can affect on your ranking. Also the owner can apply case on you, so make your content Unique.

You can check your Duplicate content through the free tool. These duplicate content is also said to be PLAGIARISM. There are many tools to check plagiarism.

You can check it on smallseotools


They are links which allows the visitors to track their direction from the web page they are currently viewing to the homepage of that website.

It works as the internal navigation of your website. These breadcrumb appears on the top of the page and reflect you website.

Proper use of breadcrumbs can help you to get more usage.


These are Technical SEO Checklist for 2020. I hope you have satisfied with the above content. I know you would be having many doubts regarding, you can feel free to ask me.

Comment below your doubts or contact me.

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