Everyone thinks that to learn we have to pay but do you think that it is correct? All humans have right to get educated not on behalf of his money but on his knowledge. In today’s world education is given to those who pay for it , but is it right? Knowledge should be free of cost. As many of people won’t get educated only due to less amount of money. Here is the information to know that why knowledge should be free.

I believe that knowledge should be free. This is because knowledge is the gift of GOD and NATURE . The whole world is treasure house of knowledge. Only selfish people would keep knowledge. Only selfish people would keep knowledge to themselves. It is very true that when you impart knowledge to others, you increase your own knowledge. By teaching others, we also learn. Hence websites like wikipedia do a lot of good for the people of the world.

You can download information from the Internet on any topic of your choice from the Internet today. You don’t have to buy expensive books to learn about anything. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Isn’t that wonderful? And that is the way it should be. Knowledge is not the property of one person or a group of persons. It belongs to everybody.

There was a time when knowledge was obtained was expensive books. Only those who could afford those books or manage to enter Universities could gain knowledge. So many people in the world remained illiterate. But now it is not so. Thanks to the internet!

Therefore if anyone asks you for information, give it to that person. Don’t try to hide information from others, or show that you are superior or clever. You will only be making a fool of yourself. Because knowledge is truly free in today’s world.


On behalf of knowledge the personality of a student is defined. More the knowledge more the growth. Can you ever imagine how is the real life of a student?

It is sad that the best time of life is the time when one is a student. Most students will not agree with this, but it is true.

One of the irritating.

What exactly makes up the life of a student? Studies form a very important part of student life. Knowledge of the languages, history, geography and science is essential. Knowledge how to add and subtract and divide also multiply is equally important. I know students who can never get sums right in mathematics. For them solving problems in mathematics must be terrible.

This does not mean that only studied are important for students. There are also games, and many children hardly find the time to play. But if one is sensible, one can wisely mix time for study with time for play. Play can be very relaxing and lightens the pressure of studies.

Besides school lessons and games, there are also friends to make life enjoyable. With a good set of friends one can go for parties, picnics, tours and camping trips. MOst important , one needs friends for team games such as cricket and football.


My life as a student is full activity. Never does a day pass without my being as busy as a bee. Come nightfall, and the moment my head touches the pillow, I’m off to dreamland. As far as I an concerned I would like my student life to go on forever.

Rutuja Nerlekar

An IT Entrepreneur, owner and founder of domain name "trendygoogle.com". Currently pursing Graduation in Science. Also an AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETER.

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