SEO Tips and Tricks to boost your website traffic. When it come to SEO there are many questions which come in your mind. Also about how to rank you post through SEO. So, here are some tips and tricks about SEO which will definitely help you to grow your traffic through SEO.

It is a trick to get higher rankings, resulting in a FREE Traffic to your website. Improving your rankings can be easily done by making simple changes to your webpages to make it more search engine friendly. Here we have put together a Top SEO Tips and Tricks to help you get higher rankings on search results page for your website or blog.

SEO Tips and Tricks to boost your website traffic.

Quality Backlinks

This is one of the most effective top SEO tip. It also help in increasing your Domain Authority. This is an important factor in optimizing your site. Quality backlinks for website or blogs helps search engines find your website and understand what your web pages are about.

Many of the search engines treat this backlinks as editorial votes for your site. More the votes you site will be having for quality related sites. The better your site will perform in search results page.

Keyword Research

Key phrase title is the only thing that a organic visitors see first. That title is always a reason any one opens your webpage or blog. You should focus on your keywords directly related to your niche market. Build a list of keywords and phrases to target your SEO. Also website titles, Descriptions, Meta Tags, Image alt tags and web page content.

Never target keyword(s) that are outside of your topic or niche. This is considered as keyword spamming by most of the search engines. Spamming directly affects your search rankings.

Quality Text Information

Search engines can’t read image files, Video content nor animations, etc. They only require normal informative text. To understand the topic of your web pages and also return quality information in search result pages. Search engine looks for informative text in various locations on your website.

You should always give more amount of relevant text to read for search engine. It should also include your keywords and Meta to enhance your SEO. The size of your content also matters a lot. Your page should contain a minimum of 500 words in a blog post.

Unique content

See to that each of your web pages has a unique title, description, and contains unique content. The keywords you choose should reflect your content of each page.

For maximum increase in your SEO, each page should have a different content and should target different keywords. It is also very much important to have a different title for each web page on your site. As search engines rank web pages not website.

Interactive Content

More the interactive content, more the people will engage to your blog/web page. To make your website more interactive for visitors give them access to comment on your blog post. Also allow them to share links using social networking sites and also the images through it.

These interactive features will engage visitors to tell about your website in terms of feedback for you. The social signs or icons also attract the attention of visitors as well as the search engines.

Know your competitors

The web pages, Blog posts and website links that appear on top of the search result for your chosen keywords. These are your competitors. Always see the content of your competitor’s blog post. How they use these keywords? How they have written the content? How are theirs links build and structured?

There are many free SEO tools which are available to analyze your competition. Using these free tools you can even view results your own website results too. You should take full use of these available resources to rank your web pages.

Track Visitors

You can track your visitors using analytics and website statistics software. You can learn what sites and pages are driving traffic to your website, and also which pages on your website are the most popular and best performing.

Once you learn this marketing information you can improve and concentrate your efforts on website promotion. Google Analytics is the best tool to keep a track on your visitors. Other than this there are many free tools which you can use to track your visitors.


Here come with the Tips and Tricks. Lets start implementing these all. If any Queries regarding it you may contact me or comment below.

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