Science Evolving Technology

Science evolving technology has a major role to play in modern life of man. From the days of communication with pigeons,the time has ripen where the information floats. The scientists and technologists have made many achievements computers has its own place. The first automatic electronic computer was made in Pennsylvania in 1946 and known as ENIAC( ELECTRONIC NUMERICAL INTEGRATOR AND CALCULATOR). Since then it has changed the pattern of doing work easily and quickly. It has also revolutionized the whole world.


Science evolving technology

Computers are very big in size,from desk top models to huge machine occupying an entire room or even more,but they all contain the same components parts which came under the heading of hardware and software. Hardware is the term given to all the machines that make up a computer and the collection of machines is called a computer configuration. Software refers to the programmes that instruct the machines.

Types of computers

There are two basic types of computers: DIGITAL and ANALOGUE. Both types have highly complex systems of electrical circuits to carry out complicated calculations or to solve difficult problems. The hybrid is a third type which consists of a combination of the other two. The digital computer is basically a counting machine. A small digital computer is able to multiply, divide, subtract and add all at high speed,which are electrically power and operated by hand like typewriters. Larger digital computers receive data or information on punched cards or magnetic tape.

The computers are here to stay in the modern world and the more we understand them,the better will be the days ahead of us.

Importance of science and technology

Science evolving technology is a boon to humanity. They are useful to us in every field of life. Science and technology have changed our ways of living. It has made our lives much more comfortable than our forefathers had. Electricity is one of the main achievements of science. Television, Washing machine, cooking range and microwaves are all in existence because of science and technology.

Computers, mobile phone have increased our speed of work and brought the world closer to us.

Science evolving technology

Science evolving technology has been a great help as a result the field of surgery and medicine has been grown up. Dangerous diseases are detect, control and cure very quickly due to science & technology also heart diseases are now curable.

Science evolving technology

There also has been a misuse of science and technology. Due to atom bombs, missiles and other modern arms it has led to terrorism and destruction. But only man is to be blamed for this.

Because of proper use of science and technology can make us happier and richer.

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