Do you know about SEO? when it comes to SEO their ae many things which you must follow.

Here, I will be explaining you about ON-PAGE SEO checklist for 2020.

But before let us check about what is ON PAGE SEO.

What is on page SEO?

It is all related to online mode. It works in backend of your website. But on page SEO is said to be organic one. There are many tools through which you can do ON PAGE SEO. It is one of the important parts of SEO and also for blogging.

Here, are some points which comes under on page SEO.

Its time to optimize your content with the help of this below techniques.

When you add or include URL, it helps Google to understand what your blog is about. Also, a keyword rich URL help you to grow and improve organic CTR.

This is the reason why you need to use keyword in URL.

Use short URL as possible. This also help for users / traffic to find content easily.

Reason: – with recent research, 1 million Google search results shows short URL’s that rank best in Google.

It’s not pro tip to include keyword in title tag. But there are many people who have no idea about where to put keyword. Here, when you use keyword in Title tag it means a lot.

But its your choice, my experience says that this helps to rank faster.

When you use longer keyword, it takes time to rank on first page. So, to make it faster, title tag modifiers are words and phrases. When you embed title tag it can even rank long tail keywords easily.

It is said that Google also focus on your content like keyword. But it focuses more on first 100-150 words of your content. So, use at least use once your keyword in first 150 words.

When you write content / post use your keyword in H1, H2 or H3 tag. This will definitely help you in ranking for keyword. This not the pro tip which help you, but talking about search engine optimization every little thing work.

As you know, your images in your post also say about your content.

But Google is bad at reading images. Optimizing images in SEO is also important for ranking. Yes, it is true. Optimize your image by alt tags or Filenames. As it also explains what your image is about, by using PNG, JPEG, etc.

This can also help Google to find and understand about image.

As you know, Google is smart. There are many keywords used like you used. So, to be different and unique use synonyms or LSI keywords.

For example: – if you take “how to think good domain name”

Now here are synonyms like

  • How to choose good domain name
  • Set up good domain name
  • Apply for good domain name.

External links are those links where you link other website in your post. Where you link other websites in your post. When you do this, link to those who have good DOMAIN AUTHORITY.

Use 4-5 external links in your post.

Make sure you link trusted websites like WIKIPEDIA, Google, etc.

This one of the easiest things in SEO. Internal links are basically our own post links. Whenever you write new post, if it is related to your previous post then connect both by linking.

Link 3-5 other pages on your sites. In internal links use keyword rich anchor text.

Don’t give many links in your post. It can affect your SEO, external link as well internal links. It should be minimum 2 and maximum 5.

Also, some of other points which also comes in ON PAGE SEO CHECKLIST they are listed below

  • Crawlable websites
  • Site architecture
  • Keyword optimization
  • Reliability
  • Content engagement
  • Ranking


Like On page SEO there is also about OFF page SEO. Learn about these in my post. You can also check many other information about SEO stay tuned.

I hope you satisfied with the content. For any queries let me know, by commenting, messaging us. We are here to help you out.

These checklists really work. But before you start, what did you think of this post?

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