Who don’t want to get ranked on Google search engines page? Reason for getting higher page ranking is one and only about more traffic. Here are some of best tips which will definitely help you to do all this. So lets get start.

It is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and generate more traffic in search engines. it is all related to online mode. It works in back end of your website. But on page SEO is said to be organic one. There are many tools through which you can do ON PAGE SEO.

Why it is important

It helps search engines understand your website and its content, as well as identify whether it is relevant to a search query. It makes your content readable for every visitors, also helps you to rank your content.

Now let us talk about the real part of the topic.

Optimize Blog for SEO

Use keyword in Starting paragraph

Add your targeted keyword in your blog efficiently and effectively. Use your targeted keyword in first hundred words of your blog. The first hundreds words of your blog can also be divided into some small paragraphs or several sentences. If you are dividing your first hundred words in small paragraphs use your keyword in starting paragraph.

Use H1, H2, H3 tags

Use your keyword in your blog title or you can also say it as using it in <H1> tag. Also use your keyword in H2 and H3 tags. Using it in H2 and H3 tag allows crawlers to easily understand your blog.

Keyword density

One of the major factors while optimizing your blog is keyword frequency you can also call it as keyword density. The keyword frequency should be high. To increase your keyword frequency use keyword in your blog as much as possible, but avoid using too much.

Optimize your URL

URL optimization is generally done for the purpose of on page SEO. Here I will be giving several methods to optimize your URL within 3 to 5 minutes. It won’t take more than that.

Keyword in URL: Include your keyword in URL, it means that your URL must contain your keyword.

Short URL: Length of your URL must be small. To reduce its lengths exclude un-necessary words from URL.

Note: While editing your URL avoid using capital letters. URL should not contain capital letters.

Optimize Title, description & tags


Use unique keywords for your blog also include it into your blog title. Front load title tag should be used to optimize your title. It is done by writing your title in <H1> class tag.

Meta Description

Selecting a unique keyword is good but writing an attractive and rich meta description is always better. While doing on page SEO, adding your keyword in description results in better ranking chances.


Now let’s come to the tags section it is similar as of adding hash tags in the caption of your photo while posting it to any social media. Henceforth add related tags to your blog post. Use minimum of 3 to 4 tags to your blog.

SEO Friendly blog

Unique & Valuable Content

Your blog content should be unique as well as valuable. Valuable term means that your log should include a lot of information related to your key phrase. It must be so much valuable so that if any visitor visit your site. The visitor must be satisfied from your blog post.

Attractive & Easy to read

Using easy understandable words increases chances of ranking on Google page. It must be easily understood even by a small kid. Focus on your grammar. You must write engaging blog post. Blog must be interactive.

Add conclusion to your blog at the end. It should include a short recap of your whole blog. Also include table of content to make easy navigation through your blog. The sentence length of your blog must be more than 300 words.

Note: Sentence length on average of 1300-1400 is easy to rank on Google

Click Through Rate (CTR) is revenue you earn from a single click on any ads on your particular page. If your website has any running ads then you must focus on this.

Add Question tag and FAQ

Use question title keywords and rank it on Google and then look at the CTR of that particular page.

Using review or FAQ in your blog increases the trust of your visitors on your website. So use it wisely.


Add attractive and engaging meta description to your blog. Reason, let’s look it with an example. When your blog is ranking on Google’s first page but not the first link. If a visitor visits the first link and didn’t get satisfied visitor will look further and their meta description works for you. If the visitor likes your meta description you won a visitor for your website.

Note: Adding current year in your title will increase your CTR ratio

On page UX

You can also call the on page UX as user interface (UI) for your blog. For doing on page UX you need to activate your community as well as be consistent on it, and also chunk your content.

  • Chunk your Content: It means cutting down your whole big post into smaller parts. Convert your large sentences and paragraphs into smaller ones. If you follow all the above covered points and apply it properly it will be done automatically.  You won’t have to do anything after your content is ready.
  • Activate Community: It doesn’t really mean to open up a community in your website. It means add subscription forms to your site. Provide subscribers information consistently, because it just takes one click for the subscribers to unsubscribe your site.

Coming to Conclusion

If you follow all the above covered points and information, you won’t find any difficulty while doing on page SEO.

Here is some of the advance ON PAGE SEO tips just for you just because you have reached till here.

Advance on page SEO tips

  • Use original images instead of downloading from internet. To create original images you can use some of the graphic designing tools given in this blog (TG blog)
  • Optimize images by reducing its sizes less than 1MB also rename it and keep it similar to your keyword.
  • Make your blog attractive and interactive.
  • Use synonyms of keywords in your blog you can also call it as LSI keyword.
  • Boost your page speed to less than 5 seconds of loading time. To increase the page speed you can use cache plugins for your site. To know about cache plugins click here.
  • Write at least 1300 words for better ranking.

I hope you all satisfied with the given content I have posted. For any queries related you can ask me by commenting and contacting me.

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