Hello friend, here is a complete guide for OFF-PAGE SEO CHECKLIST FOR 2020. When we start blogging, we create many ideas about earning, visitors, etc. But still we are thinking about earning, generating traffic.

Today I will be explaining you about the off-page SEO checklist. You would love reading it.

Firstly, let us talk about WHAT IS OFF-PAGE SEO


Off-page SEO is about everything that happens offline but not on your website. Off-page SEO includes social media, local SEO, link building. These all terms we are going to see in this post. It is also called as promotion of website through offline mode.

Off-page SEO is all about website promotion through offline mode.

Now, let us see about checklist for 2020. There are six types which comes under OFFF-PAGE SEO. They are listed below.

Local Directory Submission

Submission of website URL on different platforms to increase the traffic. It works on promotion mode. It is one of the fastest growing techniques used by SEO expert. To get high quality back links, these techniques are used.

There are many sites which works as DIRECTORY SUBMISSION.


Check the above given link to use LOCAL DIRECTORY SUBMISSION.

Article submission

Article submission is termed as submitting the articles, blogs on other websites to earn traffic, also to promote a business. If helps to increase search engine ranking as well as to increase traffic. Submitting the high quality related to blog. Ex: – Tumblr, Quora.

List of article submission sites.

Visit to know about this site.

Blog Submission

It is termed as to submit blog/post on some of the best websites. These websites are of highest DOMAIN AUTHORITY and comes in Alexa Rank. There are some blogs who allow to post blog. This helps you in multiple ways like: –

  • New audience will visit your blog.
  • Traffic is highly targeted.
  • You can generate good number of backlinks.

As when we write for someone you can also put your blogs URL with specific authority.


Social Bookmarking

It is about using social media like twitter, Pinterest, etc for getting backlinks and also increasing Referral traffic. Social bookmarking helps an online service to allow users to post, edit, share their web documents. Tagging on these platforms to generate traffic.


From these we can promote blogs, business.

Forum Submission

Forum submission is the online discussion on sites. It is to discuss your point on given topic and also to comment your feedback. To share and gain your knowledge by posting links on those sites. It also helps to gain backlinks. Many people come and visit these sites to learn new things.


Link Wheel Creation

Link Wheel Creation is about creating web pages and linking the pages to each other. It is about linking your own post to each other by giving interlinks/inbound links. There are tools which create blog and link them to your main pages. It is more effective if done correctly.

Tips for link wheel creation

  • Use high quality content.
  • Don’t use automated software.
  • Don’t link too much.

Social Sharing

Sharing of your content and web pages via social media. Broadcasting web content through social network on groups, individuals, etc. you can share links, also post images, videos on social media like Instagram, Facebook, also on YouTube. As in todays world these are growing to a great extent.

The above list will help you to do best with you off page SEO. Also, to grow through offline. When you start applying you will find many queries but still work. There are many methods to grow through blogging , and this one is one of it. Start growing.

Firstly, tell me How is my post? Let me know by commenting below.

You can also grow by using ON PAGE SEO. It also works a lot in blogging.

I hope you all have satisfied with the above information. For any query contact me. Comment your views also doubts. Stay tuned. You can also see ON-PAGE SEO LIST. We will be updating soon.

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