When we start blogging we run for earning. Its not wrong to start earning but we forget some rules and regulations. We only think of earning through website. We start Affiliate Marketing, apply for ads and many more. But there are some mistakes which should not be done

If you have just started the affiliate marketing, you just need to know that there’s a lot money you can via affiliate marketing just by sitting at home. But first you need to know about the some mistakes that affiliate marketers do.

These mistakes should be avoided. These mistakes have led to death of dreams of many Affiliate marketers. To avoid mistakes always look for it and avoid them.

This is the most common mistakes affiliate beginners do. Eager to earn quick money from affiliate marketing, some joins many affiliate programs at the same time. This led them to face too many challenges more than they could even handle.

Due to this they don’t give enough time for each of the products and move towards failure. It is advised that you should have multiple source of income. But also don’t be tempted to bite off more than you can even chew. You should always focus on some high paying affiliate programs. If you can promote about 2 to 3 affiliate programs, we can surely say that you can have huge returns. Also you will have sufficient time to invest in other areas of business.

I have already discussed about the best affiliate programs with high commissions. If you want to know you can read the discussion by clicking here.

Failure to test the product you promote. (False information about product you promote)

This mistake is a very fast way of losing the trust of your visitors. If after purchasing affiliate product they found that it does not live up to the marketing you have done. You will lose visitors of your website. I know problems of reduced traffic.

Let me tell you some of it. Low traffic, Low sales, Low income. That’s all you will lose due to reduced traffic. Overall all I want to say that, you can even lose your business if it happens. How to avoid this mistake? Here is the solution.

Put yourself in the visitor/customer shoes. I.e. How you will feel if you don’t get values for your money? If you put yourself in the place of your buyer, you will take extra precaution of offering them a valuable product. The best way to offer the best practical product review is to test the product yourself. This will put you in a good place to explain the benefits of using the products as well as the challenges of using it.

Affiliate marketers mostly ignore the role that SEO plays in driving traffic to your website. It’s a most common mistake with a negative impact on many affiliates. If you optimize your website’s SEO, it will bring you more traffic. More visitors will result in good sales with attractive commissions. If make the mistake of ignoring SEO, your affiliate dream may suffer early death.

To remain active in affiliate marketing business, you should be aware of the changes in a product.  Provide your visitors/customers updated information about the product with new changes.

This mistake should be avoided at any cost. Try to get much information about the product. Update your knowledge of your niche and you will always find useful tips for your visitors. It will keep you out of trouble.

Not promoting the right product

Many affiliate marketers end up promoting the wrong product. Wrong product means they choose products that don’t even suit their niche. Promoting the products related to your niche is always good for you and also for your business.

Selling a fitness product affiliate program on a health niche is a key to success. Do not promote the products due to its reputation. Promote it if it is relevant to your niche. This will help you to grow your business and also earn a good amount of income.

Product review is the main reason of success in affiliate marketing. If a product review is written poorly and also lacks basic information, buyers will soon find out about it. A product review for the visitors should always be informative and valuable. You should give your visitors valuable information about the product to make a right choice.

Hence forth to get success as an affiliate, you should have a habit of writing quality reviews. If you don’t have habit then you should make. This will impact positively on your sales and income.

Not having a website or blog

Without a website or a blog, getting success as an affiliate marketer is near to impossible. For promoting any affiliate product website plays a major role. Social media, Email lists and paid advertisements are not enough for promoting affiliate products.

An affiliate marketer should promote product on blog or website for good result. It represents your store where buyers can visit to see the product. More the people know about your website or blog, more the buyers you will be having.


Since the above mistakes were responsible for the failure of many affiliate marketers. It’s in your interest to avoid them at all costs. If you avoid them, you will work your way towards Success.

I personally advise to all the new affiliate marketers to avoid all these mistakes, so do avoid.

I know you would have loved to read all the things you should know about affiliate marketing mistakes. Do share this post with your Affiliate marketing friends or Affiliate marketers so that they can also avoid these mistakes and get great success in affiliate marketing. Do comment your views and if I have missed anything let me know by commenting. Also if you want to get information on any other topics do let our team know.

We are updating more information regarding many such things, stay tuned to get those. Till that time enjoy blogging.

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