What are transition words?

The words which shows the reader the relationships between sentences, paragraphs even in phrases. These words make your reader to get ideas in easier way from your content.

Words like “and”, “but”, “so also”, “because”.

Examples: –

I enjoy her company as a result I stay with her.

In this example ‘as a result’ play a role of joining two sentences in one.

Transition words not only connect sentences but also short phrases to entire paragraphs.

Types of Transition Words

Transition words are divided into several categories according to the situation or type of sentence.

Sometimes the words are some or may be slightly different. It you are not good writer then you would have to understand which transition words fit the situation. For this you need a lot of practice.

Below table shows transition words with situations.

Transition words / phrases
Timeafter that, meanwhile,
Similaritysimilarly, likewise,in
the same vein.
Examplefor example, for
Emphasis certainly, most
importantly, above all.
Concludein conclusion, in short
to sum up.
Cause/effectso, consequently
as a result, therefore,
Clarificationin other words,
to clarify, so that.
Enumerationfirstly, secondly
and further, so that.
Contrastbut, however
on the other hand.

Also, there are some more words given below.

Again , to , and , also, then, like, as, not only but also, because, but, yet, while, even though, after all, even so, then again, although, whereas, while, since, such as, for, hence, in fact, altogether, after, later, now, next, since, when, where, below, down, beyond.

Need of Transition words

Transition words make our content easy to read for the readers. Transition words are one of the key factor of rideability which comes under SEO.

How to improve Transition words

Below are the points to improve

  1. know transition words
  2. learn how to apply transition words
  3. understand the concept about sentence or paragraphs.

Transition words are not only in English language but also in other language like

  • Russian
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • and many more

NOTE:- some above languages may not be included in plugins due to under development.

Transition words Level


Its important to improve your transition words level , as this indicate that you have used few words. To make this point green you need to use more transition words or phrases including transition words. Up to 20% your point will appear red, as soon as you increase beyond 20% your point will appear orange.


When you use transition words in our content, but still not enough for SEO. These orange point indicate that you have use transition words , but you need more. Orange point occurs when you have less than 45% of transition words in your content.


If your point is green, you don’t have to worry, as your transition words are enough in your content. As transition words also affect on your SEO , also helps you to rank.


As you all know that using Transition words in our content is very important in SEO.

These Transition words are included in reliability which s one of the point in ON-PAGE SEO.

While doing SEO, this is one of the point where people struggle a lot. You can increase your best level of Transition words with lots of practice.

So, while doing it keep in mind to include not only easy words but also some phrases.

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