How to choose a right keyword for SEO is important thing, Choosing the right keyword for your post is one of the important points/things in SEO. As your right keyword tells GOOGLE about your post or content.

Keyword Research is important thing in SEO. To succeed with SEO you need to have a right Keyword Research.

But what do you think about How to choose a right keyword?

But what are RIGHT KEYWORD, keep reading…..

What are Keyword?

The word or the sentence which describes your post or content you have published. The keyword is term searched by the visitors that you should rank with certain criteria.

How to Choose a Right Keyword

There are some points which comes when we think of choosing a right keyword. Check the below list for Right Keyword.

Create a keyword list

While deciding your post , you first need to create your keyword or decide the keyword.

Now your first step is to create a number of Keyword list for your post.

While doing this don’t worry about competition, CPC, CTR and many more stuffs. Here only think about keyword lists.

GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER is the best tool for this.

You can even use SEMRUSH for KEYWORD RESEARCH.(paid)

Find low-competition terms

As we are on the intermediate level, so we need to find the low competition. The keyword which don’t have high competition, as we don’t know how to rank the higher comeptition.

Choose or make the list those who aren’t competitive.

MOZ BAR FOR CHROME this is the free tool which helps you to identify the low competition terms.

You can even use UBBERSUGGEST to find the competition rate and many more.

how to choose a right keyword

From the above image you will find the volume , CPC also on the other page there is an example of the average web pages.

Also you can check the SEO difficulty of the given keyword.

Identify search volume

Next thing you have to do is to search or identify the how many people search the keyword you have fixed.

To check this you can use GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER. This is a free tool which gives you monthly data analysis.

Also check the result related to CPC. Choose the keyword which have high rate of SEARCH VOLUMES.

Assess earning potential

Its one thing which we think when it comes to earning. To decide the low volume keyword can affect your earning??

When we decide low competition keyword, we think that we can’t earn. But here even we have used low competition one we still earn.

With assess earning potential you can search the keyword you have used. It will show Low Bid rate but still its sufficient for Beginner level.

Estimate organic CTR

CTR stands for cost through rate it means that you will earn with the rate decided. As per the the research it is experienced that you can earn more organically.

When you estimate organic CTR the chances of earning becomes higher compare to other one.

Choose trending keyword and Related searches

One of the important thing , that to choose the trending keyword. The word trending describes that the keyword you have decided is the most searched keyword.

The trending keyword is always searched more as compared to other. Always try to use those one, which is trending as well as more searched.

You can also find the word RELATED SEARCH its describes what people search along with the keyword we have choose. This will help us to get information also idea about other trending post.

To use this one there is one of the best tool GOOGLE TREND. This tool will help you to find many things like related search, trending topics, etc.

how to choose a right keyword

These image shows result about trending searches by the people.

how to choose a right keyword
The graph indicates the search VS time.

Through GOOGLE TREND you can set the time to see the past search. These are of days, months, also years.

You can set to Years to get full knowledge about the Keyword you have used.

Think like a customer

When it comes to writing post or publishing content you must always think about your visitors.

You are Publishing your content for visitors, so think like a customer. This will not only help you to get large number of visitors but also find satisfaction with your audience.

Thinking like a Customer also benefits you to create your subscribers.

Identify your target audience

When you want to get audience, no doubt start identifying audience you get on your website. This help to get audience for ever, but to identify it and target it is difficult one.

When you will learn identifying audience you can easily target them. Now the question is HOW TO IDENTIFY AUIDENCE?

Its easy to identify audience by their session time, bounce rate, etc. Also by their behavior and their Acquisition on your website.

In this way you can target your audience.

Study the competition

Even if you choose low competition keyword, still you would have to face competition with others.

One of the important thing when it comes to choose a right keyword

To study your competition you can use Google Trend as a tool even Uber suggest.

Understand the importance of long tail Keyword

When it comes to ranking , their is tough competition every where on search engine. To rank you can use long tail keyword , as it takes less time to rank.

Long tail keywords are great SEO tactic. They have high conversion rate as compare to short one. Also they are commonly used by the visitors and they love to search.

To select the LONG TAIL KEYWORD you can take help of Google search

how to choose a right keyword
Google Search

Come with the point on choosing a right keyword

Get updating your Ideas by various research. I hope you have got many ideas about choosing a right keyword.

So now its time to start with it and grow traffic.

At last I would like to tell you that its really very important to choose Right Keyword which will benefit you.

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