History of yahoo extension: Yahoo has played an important role in the development of the web services and also web emails. Online services web based emails are provided by YAHOO! like GOOGLE. The original YAHOO! was founded by JERRY YANG and DAVID FILO In 1994. Realizing that the millions of web users flocking to their site provided an opportunity for ads and services. The two partners incorporated Yahoo! In 1995. (In 1996 the company went public and raised $33.8 million. A important amount at a time when the business future of the web was only started to the cherish).

Yahoo Continued to grow his extension. The company acquired a number of other yahoo services. Which they used to provide Web-based email, Web hosting, and news. But having flown so high, Yahoo! had far to fall when the dot-com market bubble burst in 2001. A stock that had traded at around $130.00 per share fell as low as $4.06.

history of yahoo extension

History of Yahoo extension

However, Yahoo! Proved its resilience as one of the few early dot-com’s to survive and has continued to do well in the Post-bubble era since 2002. The company made strategic partnerships with telecommunications companies such as BT and Verizon. Yahoo! Entered a continuing struggle with another web services powerhouse. While acquiring new media sites (such as the photo-sharing service Flickr and the social “bookmarking” service delicious), and creating new services . Yahoo! Also provides online Storefronts, Online services, Web emails competing in that venue mainly with eBay.

history of yahoo extension

Yahoo! has a strong international presence, which however, led to a difficult case. Where the company provided user information to Chinese authorities that led to custody of two dissidents on charges of passing state secrets. ( A lawsuit by the families of the dissidents was settled by Yahoo).

history of yahoo extension

Yahoo! Main source of income remains search-related ads. The company may have received a competitive boost in 2007 with a new online ads system called “PANAMA”. Catching up to similar technology previously developed by Google. In fiscal 2007. Yahoo had revenue of $ 6.7 billion and also earned about $730 million. At the time Yahoo! Had about 13,600 employees.

history of yahoo extension

Also in 2008 Yahoo Became the target of a takeover bid by Microsoft. Although this has met with at least starting rejection, rumors continued. Also including the chance that Time Warner might acquire the company and merge it with its AOL division.

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