As digital marketing is one the most rapidly growing industry. Which is mostly based on how it looks and also how much the content is informative. It is very important for a digital marketer to have a designing skills. As if you write a content with best information and don’t have any attracting visuals no one is going to read your content. So both the things are really important for a Digital marketer. How it looks and how much the content is informative.

What is Graphic Designing?

In graphic designing the word graphics is taken from the word graph. Graph means a visual which is accurate and proper. Graphic designing is not only about just pictures and drawings. It is more than that now-a-days. It is an art of communication, through images.

Role of Graphic Designing in Digital Marketing?

One of the major role is building a brand identity. If you want to create a brand image, to stand with the other competitors and will help you to create your own visual identity. Every Digital Marketer should have its own identity & strength.

Other major role is creating a strong impression. A visual images gives a best impact on any persons mind. As compared to visual content and text content, visual content is more likely to be seen by any person. Also a best graphic design leaves an impact on peoples in their first instance.

Visuals also helps to convey the messages easily. As most of the time words only cannot convey what information you are providing.

So this was all about the Graphic Design.

As we all Digital Marketers cannot always depend upon on designers to get their design work done.

Now let us see how each and every digital marketer can become expert in graphic design without knowing much knowledge of Graphic Designing.

There are two of the most used design tools which help Digital Marketers to make their Instagram posts, Facebook banners, and many other images or graphics used for digital marketing within a few clicks.

The two designing tools are:

  1. Canva
  2. Venngage


Canva is simplified graphic designing tool. It provides access to the photographs, icons, templates, videos, and fonts. Canva is very easy to use tool. It’s application is also available, one can easily download it from the Google play store for android users.

Canava provides a variety range of templates as according to the need. It is different from any other online infographic tool. Canva gives option to make any kind of images, logo, invitation, poster, etc.You can create your own image with few steps only. First you need to choose a category in which you want to create your infographic. Then select a template which you want. As soon as you select a template you can make the necessary changes in it. You can change its font style, image, background. You can also add your own images, videos or any extra text. Once you are done with all the necessary changes you can download it easily just by clicking on the download symbol.

There is premium also for the canva app. In premium there are more templates than the free. Free templates are also the best for any Digital Marketer.


Venngage is a unique and easy to use tool that allows a user to make creative infographics.  It helps a user to create your infographics in 3 easy steps. That are,

  • Choose a template: It has over 1000+ templates.
  • Add visuals and charts: It has different icons and images in their library.
  • Customize your design: You can Customize the way you want.

Brands like Google, HubSpot, Forbes, Microsoft, Wired, Harvard University and more than 21,000 brands already using this tool. You can use this tool too just by signing up on their website using Google or Facebook account. Venngage is not available in Application. It is only accessible through their website. However it does not allow to download your infographic that you created until you buy their premium support.

So if you lack investment I would prefer to use canva as it comes in both the option free as well as premium.

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