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Do you love SEO?

When it comes to SEO there are many points which are explained. But some practical tips help us to grow more.

Do you love lists? Because we sure do!

Shopping lists, Bucket lists, all sorts of lists. That’s why I have made a list that contains 9 practical SEO tips to get a start.

1. Think before you write 🤔

Take your time while writing. Think about what you want to write. Also, know your audience and what you want to tell them. Think about your goal also what topic you want to cover.

2. Focus on your audience 🎤

You may think Google is only important while Blogging, but you should also focus on your audience. Keep your audience on the number 1 position. You should write to your audience.

Use simple words, write clearly, and don’t use difficult words. Use short words, share your information as smoothly as possible.

3. Use SEO tools 💻

When you do SEO practically you need tools to perform it. So, use an SEO tool like Yoast SEO for WordPress. Yoast SEO is a tool that helps you to rank on Google. Still, your efforts are important.

4. Create Link building 🔗

Link building is important. You should use both internal links as well as external links. As both play an important role in the world of rankings.

You should do this properly.

5. Faster is better 🚀

The ranking also depends upon your site speed. Faster your page loads, the faster you will rank. Also, your readers need a fast loading page.

This depends on the patience level. If you have a low speed you may have a high bounce rate and vice versa.

Bounce rate is invertionally proportinal to page speed.

6. Research, Research 🔍

Keyword research is one of the first important things you need to do. You must create a list of researched keywords while optimizing for certain keywords.

You need to find those words which people are searching for, Also your role to rank here is only research.

More the research, more the visitors.

7. Use SEO copywriting checklist✍🏼

When you finish your keyword research move on to your article. But before publishing your article live to make sure you use the SEO copywriting checklist. With the help of an SEO copywriting checklist, you can cover each and every point.

8. Set up site structure 🚧

Site structure shows Google which pages are important in your site. It tells how you have organized your content. Do this with the help of categories, tags, pages, etc. Create clear navigation and also don’t forget internal linking.

9. Get free SEO beginners training🆓

Introducing free training for SEO beginners. Learn everything which you need to get started. Also, understand how SEO works.

Get started with this.



Are you ready with your SEO?
Understand every point and start from today itself. You will find many points where problems will occur, but don’t lose hope.

Keep doing, start using this 9 practical SEO tips to get start and rank your post.

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